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Autumn/Winter Trends

Just like any other form of apparel, trends come and go and although this tends to be a more subtle flow in Jewellery its good to know which pieces will become your favourites over a season.

Although an all time favourite, its good to know pearls are back in the limelight particularly earrings and jade is to be seen sprinkled about too. Pearls are renowned for their ability to suit any skin tone and so make a great gift.


Ears are definitely big this year -the main focus this season. Eighties references are everywhere and hoops of all shapes and sizes are still popular- add a bow or dangle a bauble to give them a dressed up look. Unique, single earrings are also the statement piece -the bigger the better.

Metals and Chains

Whilst rose gold is still around it is teamed more with silver or yellow gold. These days we are definitely metal fluid and anything goes. Chains have gone big and bold which could mean expensive if you are looking at silver or gold. Chokers have been replaced by torques at the base of the neck.


Bangles are big and for a real retro 80's look wear them, layered up, over your long sleeved jumper this winter.

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