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Peridot (Olivine) August Birthstone

its great having a summer birthday- Bank Holidays , School holidays, long summer evenings to celebrate with friends, but should your birthday fall in August-double celebration Peridot is your birthstone. On the plus side this semiprecious stone is beautiful and also relatively affordable. Unfortunately it is also quite a soft stone -so difficult to keep in tiptop condition.

Olivine is unusual in that only occurs in one colour-green. Varying from yellow green through olive to brownish-green dependant on the amount of iron present in the crystal which has an orthorhombic structure. It is found in deposits across the globe and has also been found in meteorites. Dating back to ancient Egypt Peridot was a favourite of Cleopatra who wore the stone for its beauty and to ward off evil spirits.

Peridot is said to bring strength and counter act negative emotions, fostering emotional balance ,security and inner peace. it soothes nervousness and lightens physical and emotional pain.

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