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Summer- not so hot for your silver jewellery?

Whilst we all love the summer it can be a difficult time for keeping your silver jewellery in tiptop condition. Relax (in that hot summer sun!) here are a few quick tips for preserving the shine on your favourite Peridot Jewellery pieces.

1. Steer Clear of Chlorine

We love it when people tell us that they wear their pieces every day. However there is just one circumstance when we don’t really recommend you wear them: in a chlorinated pool. It may be fine – some levels of chlorine won’t alter your silver in any way, but a highly chlorinated pool could do some damage. The best practice might just be leaving it poolside. Lakes, oceans and saltwater pools … no problem!

2. Watch Your Bath & Shower Products

You can safely wear your precious Peridot Jewellery pieces in the shower where it comes into contact with water and a mild bar of soap. However, if you are bathing in an epsom salt bath, or using a highly perfumed bath product, we recommend taking your jewellery off before stepping into the bath or shower. This will maintain your jewellery’s look. Showering regularly in the summer is always lovely but keeping sweat off the skin, can also help to preserve your silver jewellery's sparkle and reduce the likelihood of tarnishing.

4. Give it 10 Minutes

To limit your silver jewellery’s contact with sunscreen and insect spray, which can make the piece sticky, appear dull, and accelerate tarnish, give yourself 10! That’s 10 minutes for the product to absorb into the skin before you put on your jewellery.

5. Relax and Have Fun – There’s Always Autumn !

Sometimes the Autumn is a time to correct the sins of the summer! So if you haven’t been as diligent in keeping your pieces as sparkly as new this may be the time to get out some warm soapy water a toothbrush and also the invaluable silver cloth and get buffing!

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