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Revitalise your Jewellery Collection.

As the temperature begins to rise, it's time to get ready for some fun. Whether thats heading off to a friends wedding, a mini spring break or simply a picnic at the park. So you've grabbed a couple of new tops and managed to get your hair done at last, but what about your jewellery.....

Odd earrings and a pile of tangled blackening chains are enough to put anyone off stopping to put final touches to a look, so now is the time to get ahead and have a good sort out.

Untangling your fine necklaces

This is definitely worth tackling when you have a little time on your side because it can be so frustrating and time consuming and the more you rush the tighter the knots become!

1. Find some well lit space to spread the chain(s) out .

2. Undo the clasp(s) to allow the ends to slide through the knot more easily.

3. Sprinkle with a little baby powder or light oil ( don't overdo this or they will become too slippery to grasp) to allow the chain to slide more easily.

4. Grab a safety pin to help you tease the heart of the knot apart.

5. Once you have them all apart , to keep them that way thread through a cut down straw to keep them from tangling up again.

Once your chains are untangled it may be worth giving them a quick rub over with a silver cloth to remove any tarnish and bring back the silver sparkle.

Just draw the chains through the folded cloth whilst keeping a small amount of pressure on them and they should look good as new.


The key question is have you got a pair?

If you have mislaid one, is it worth keeping a single earring? If they were a particularly favourite pair, could you buy another pair and have a spare? Inevitably the earrings you lose are more likely to be a favourite as those are the ones you wear more often. Mismatched earrings may be a 'thing' for the under 16s but not everyone can wear that style, ( you don't want to go out looking as though you couldn't find your glasses when you were getting ready!).

You may have lost the butterfly back , but still have the actual earring. In that case you can easily find small packets of either silver or plastic backs available on line, but beware if you have sensitive skin you choose a solid silver piece rather than a silver plated version.

With hook style earrings utilising the same spare butterflies can keep them more safely in place and thus reduce the chances of losing one.

Keep Sparkling!!

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